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Foundation and Resurfacing Services

A home or other building’s foundation helps maintain structural integrity to keep occupants safe and ensure stability. If you’ve noticed cracks or other damage to your foundation, these could suggest potential issues while lowering property value. Serving NJ, Brickface and Siding provides expert foundation repair and resurfacing and other home improvement services to keep your property in sound condition.

Identifying Foundation Damage

Foundation damage most commonly occurs due to construction on expansive soil. Water leaks can also lead to damage, as well as intense shifts in temperature and floods. To recognize foundation damage, look for the following signs:

Foundation Resurfacing

After a thorough review of your foundation, a member of our team will determine the best method of repair; if we cannot help you, we will do our best to guide you in the right direction. This depends on the type of foundation, its condition, and more. While every foundation repair is different, we may use the following techniques to restore your property.

Foundation Repair

Age, the elements, and damage can all affect the appearance of your foundation, making it less attractive and diminishing the value and appeal of a home or commercial building. As this damage accumulates, it can also cause more serious problems. Foundation resurfacing helps halt this damage, restore the appearance of your foundation, and prevent associated concerns such as basement moisture.

Our foundation resurfacing process begins with a thorough cleaning to eliminate any soils or debris. Visible cracks are filled to prevent further deterioration, and a thin layer of cement is applied to smooth the surface. Finally, an attractive finish is applied, allowing homeowners and businesses to choose from the following:

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